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The feel of the keys to old antique typewriters have a mystique all to their own. Say you're writing a new book and just can't stand the thought of staring at the glow of a computer screen for hours on end. Why not do what a lot of people have done and treat your fingers to the feel of a historic relic? Vintage typewriters have not yet become a thing of the past. There was a good story on NPR about how the few typewriter repair shops that are left actually are doing very well in spite of the technology boom. There's just something different about the sounds, the mechanisms, and even the history that come with owning an antique Remington or a Hammond or a Royal typewriter. Pecking away at the keys brings back memories in old movies of the fast pace in news agencies filled with smoke and coffee. I hope this site becomes a great outlet to aid in starting your search for that perfect old typing machine.
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